Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Episode 13 - Visions and Interpretations

Welcome to the thirteenth episode of Vikings True20 Actual Play. When we left our intrepid band, they were travelling south to Toropets, on their way to Kiev. Visions and stories of legends continue to haunt those hunting the Bulgar gold. Have they found more friends or more enemies? What has happened to Audun and who are those protecting him?

The intro and extro music is from Warrior ( The SoLariS Remix ) by SoLaRiS available at ccMixter. You can find out more about SolaRiS at Jamendo.

Toropets was a very important Norse/Rus trading centre on the Viking trade route to Miklagard (Constantinople). This was the northern end of the Grand Portage. You can read a very brief explanation of the route at Wikipedia.

You can download the audio file here.

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