Sunday, July 12, 2009

Episode 09 - Not Just a Pretty Face

Welcome to the ninth episode of Vikings True20 Actual Play. When we left our intrepid band, they sought for the lost captain, Sven Helmcarver, the group has used dogs to try to track the lost viking. The dogs, however, have been spooked by a spectral dragon. The warband must now decide how best to find their lost comrade and what might be occuring in Novgorod.

The intro and extro music is from Warrior ( The SoLariS Remix ) by SoLaRiS available at ccMixter. You can find out more about SolaRiS at Jamendo. The music playing during the game is from the albums Himlens Polska by Eric Ask-Upmark and Dram by DrĂ¥m available at

Thanks to Critical Failure - The GURPS Podcast for their comment.

Novgorod was a very important Norse/Rus trading centre on the Viking trade route to Miklagard (Constantinople). You can read a very brief explanation of the route at Wikipedia.

You can download the audio file here.

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