Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome to the Warband

The Ottawa Warband, that is. By that, I mean the role-playing group that assembles at my place every other Thursday night.

Now, I've already discussed, to some extent, the creation and first session of the campaign. I'll repost all that information here. Some of the posts to this blog will be repeated in the Campaign Journal section of the Sword's Edge Publishing website.

There will be something you find here that you won't find anywhere else. That would be the Actual Play recordings of the campaign.

The sound quality is acceptable, as Actual Play recordings go. We're using a digital voice recorder, cleaned up to some extent with Levelator. There has been some editing, but not a lot. Right now, things are crazy busy at home, but you can expect the first few recordings soon. The very first episode is a "zero" episode, a "the story so far" episode, as it were.

Hope you enjoy the ride. I assure you, we all are!

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